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RAM Contracting provides a more efficient way to keep your building sustainable, sanitary, secure and successful.

We perform Facility maintenance, repairs, janitorial services and construction for multi-location commercial facility owners and managers. At RAM, we understand that managing your facilities is challenging enough without having the added burden of calling a new service provider every time you need something repaired, cleaned or serviced. Please know that RAM can help with all of them.

At RAM, we do not acquire a long-term contract or exclusivity. Instead of locking you into a contract, we simply provide great service you will not want to do without. For RAM, customer retention is earned one job at a time. Customers are so happy with our approach and offerings that they simply remain with RAM. Often, from a single service call at one location, we end up serving the entire corporation at multiple locations. We are committed to our clients and are only satisfied with our services when you are.