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Corporate Office Facilities

For Corporate Office Facilities, maintaining a pristine building both inside and out is central to the continued success of your company. Along with providing your employees and future and present customers a safe and clean facility, your corporate office must also reflect your company’s professionalism. Our services help strengthen your company’s image and keep your corporate office building clean, up-to-date, and well-maintained. For more than 19 years, we have offered corporate offices of all sizes individualized care and attention. Our three core divisions, Janitorial, Repairs and Maintenance, and Construction services, are staffed by highly trained, certified, and insured professionals who will make your company’s commitment to excellence their own.

Our commitment to providing customer-focused, detail-oriented building service has allowed us to build exciting partnerships with a variety of businesses that range from startups to educational and governmental facilities to Fortune 50 companies. We look forward to creating the customized janitorial, repair and maintenance, or construction plan that will best serve your Corporate Office Facility.

Case Study – Cushman & Wakefield & Toyota



Ray Marsh attended the Toyota Power of Exchange event held during the initial construction of their new headquarters building in Plano, Texas. There were plenty of prime contractors and buyers at the event. Marsh knew a lot of facilities maintenance, janitorial and construction companies would be in attendance as well, hoping for a change to participate in the construction and maintenance of the new headquarters.

During the session, Marsh had the opportunity to talk with Phil Toti with Cushman & Wakefield. Marsh had a chance to explain to the commercial real estate firm what RAM’s services were all about, including a commitment to personal services for its clients. Three weeks after the engagement, Marsh received a call from Toti and asked if he could paint a door at Toyota’s temporary headquarters. Of course, the answer was “yes!”

Marsh had the door painted and followed up with Toti to make sure he was pleased with the work. From that simple door painting episode came additional work. Soon RAM Contracting was handling work on HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painting, doors hardware, flooring, locksmith services, pest control , drywall, roof repair and more. As the requests came in, they were handled and RAM’s relationship with C&W continue to grow. The size of the jobs began to grow as well.

RAM Contracting now performs work in Denver, Atlanta, the Coppell Lexus warehouse and janitorial for the Toyota buildings in D/FW metroplex. The relationship continues to strengthen and grow — as does RAM Contracting.