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RAM Disinfection Services for COVID-19

Making Your World Safer

RAM Contracting is pleased to announce the addition of our Virus Response to comprehensive list of building maintenance services. Combined with EPA medical-grade registered disinfectants, eliminating over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and adherence to CDC guidelines, RAM is thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting facilities —whether preventable or corrective.



Providing Essential Services

We have been doing an increased level of support since March 2020 for our clients who have requested it. We have an inventory of chemicals, spray applicators, and specialized PPE for these events.

While COVID-19 is spreading at increased rates in our communities, RAM-Contracting. is monitoring local and national developments daily. Our disinfection services offer peace of mind for owners, property managers, facility managers and maintenance personnel. We provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone in your facility.

RAM Contracting Disinfection Protocol

A thorough wipe-down of all surfaces is required prior to applying disinfectants to remove any built-up dust and/or soils. We focus on high-frequency touch surfaces including:

  • Door knobs, handles and stainless-steel plates for door function
  • Light switches, thermostats, and alarm panels
  • Handrails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Horizontal surface i.e. desks, counters, tables,
  • and tops of partitions
  • Office equipment ie. telephones, keyboards,
  • mouse devices, printer and copier control
  • panels
  • Lunch/breakroom sink fixtures, dispensers,
  • counters, tables, chairs, and appliance
  • exteriors
  • Restroom sink fixtures, dispensers, toilets,
  • toilet seats, urinals, and stall doors

We treat hard-to-reach areas, and the nooks and crannies standard janitorial services simply cannot address We know that COVID-19 can be spread via human contact, however, it can also spread via respiratory droplets left on surfaces and objects. These infected droplets, from talking, coughing or sneezing, can contain the virus and continue to live on surfaces for several days.

Our Ask of You When You Use Our Services

We value the health and safety of our clients, their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Our recommendations to help keep everyone safe follow:

  • Encourage your team members to follow proper CDC handwashing procedures early and often. This really cannot be over-communicated.
  • Set, and enforce a 6-foot social distancing rule wherever possible. This includes offices, shared workspaces, break rooms, and meeting rooms. If possible, schedule “stand up” meetings in open areas where you can utilize social distancing.
  • Keep an open line of communication with us. If you have a sick employee, we really want to know—especially the area in which they were working or spent any major amounts of time. We would, on a case-by-case basis—like to sanitize more in those areas.

If you deem a facility-wide deep cleaning can be useful for your facilities, we are there to assist using cleaning chemicals specifically engineered to combat virus threats. For facilities open to the public, it is highly recommended to have daily, routine disinfection of all commonly touched or soiled surfaces. We can offer a comprehensive disinfection program that includes higher frequency cleanings and training​ your staff on how to reduce exposure risks from contaminated surfaces.

We are prepared to increase the frequency of your facility cleanings upon request. Breaking the chain of infection is crucial to controlling this outbreak and keeping people safe.

Let RAM Contracting Help Keep You Safe and Healthy.

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