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Medical/Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to Medical and Healthcare Facilities, keeping your building absolutely pristine is paramount to the health and safety of your patients and staff, as well as a hallmark of your company’s commitment to providing quality care and service. As a company, you do so much to ensure your patients are well taken care of. RAM Contracting ensures your facility receives the same level of attention for your repair and maintenance, construction and janitorial needs.

Our three core divisions, Janitorial, Repairs and Maintenance, and Construction Services, are staffed by certified, highly trained, and insured professionals who work to provide the individualized cleaning and maintenance solutions your facility requires. Our teams of janitorial and maintenance experts operate at a level of quality control that exceeds state-mandated inspections. We are ready to provide the services to keep your Medical and Healthcare Facilities sanitized, safe, and up-to-date for your employees and patients.

Case Study – VA Hospital

The VA Hospital in Dallas wanted to remodel its Pet Scan area to a more functional and modern look for both patients and workers. RAM Contracting worked with the Hospital team to upgrade and improve the area, both with construction, electrical and HVAC work.