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Quality Assurance

RAM Contracting is committed to providing quality assurance which allows us to control and monitor our progress as well as our customers’ complete satisfaction. RAM’s Quality Management program consists of the following three core components:

  1. Formal Employee Training — During training, each employee goes through a step-by-step process of defining each task associated with their responsibility. Expectations are clearly understood and employees are instructed to check their work to ensure it is done to standard. Informal inspections are performed by the supervisor and quality control representative to ensure project standards are being met.
  2. Quality Measurement — Various levels of inspections occur by different stakeholders to ensure our customers are receiving the best in customer care and service. Quarterly on-site inspections are conducted to ensure safety and processes are followed. 
  3. Performance Evaluation — Our Quality Control Scorecard is the main tool used for quality measurements. Each location serviced is tracked to ensure a positive trend and consistency. The primary feedback medium is the weekly performance evaluation meetings where management teams meet to review and discuss progress on each account (based on quality control scorecards and other relevant key indicators). Any weaknesses in training, supervision, resources, or personnel are quickly escalated and resolved before they become problematic. Examples of key indicators:
      • Monthly Complaints/Repeats
      • On-Time Work Order Completion Rate
      • Work Loss Cases
      • Quarterly Safety Report
      • Total Cost of Custodial Services

RAM Contraction supports weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and/or quarterly performance evaluation calls with clients to review goals, issues, work orders, future initiatives, and current needs. Current financial needs and expectations of the client will be addressed at this time. Our team representatives are dedicated to providing the best in customer care.