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Why RAM?

Our comprehensive, flexible, and yet remarkably competitive solutions  deliver extraordinary value and efficiencies that serve to help you better manage your daily facility demands.

Reasons to use RAM Contracting:

  • We invest in our people — time and training to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions to our clients.
  • We utilize industry best practices — we stay abreast of innovative solutions in the industry and engage in the utilization of the very best practices to reduce costs, maintain quality and deliver extraordinary value.
  • We offer flexible, customized solutions not dependent upon long-term contracts. We believe enough in our service and our abilities that we do not tie our customers to long-term contracts. Our services speak for themselves and our customers stay with us because they like what we do and how we do it.
  • Janitorial services that create clean, safe environments for your people. We understand that increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism in your company often begins with a clean and safe environment. We are here to make sure your employees get what they need to be productive and safe.
  • We are customer-first and community-first in all that we do. It does make a difference.